Storm Damage Photo Gallery

flood cut on drywall and equipment set

What Is A Flood Cut?

A flood cut is when we cut out part of the drywall where there was damage after flooding.The cut is made 12-18 inches above where the flood damage stopped. In most cases, only a 2 foot flood cut is needed. Our highly trained technicians perform a flood cut to ensure that all of the unsanitary water is out of your home and address any moisture issues behind the wall.

roof tarp on roof

Storms Can Cause Damage To Your Roof

Storms with heavy winds can blow off roof shingles leaving you and your home susceptible for water leaks that can lead to mold damage. Our SERVPRO Team is able to give a temporary fix to your roof until new shingles can be placed. 

flood cut after sump pump back up

Storm Damage

During heavy rains and storms, flooding occurs.  When the water rises to a certain depth within a structure it may be necessary to perform a flood cut.  Here you can see where our SERVPRO Team assisted a resident that had rising water affect the walls.  SERPVRO of Northwest Columbus performed a flood cut and cleaned the debris and removed it from the home.  We then set drying equipment to further dry the structure.

water filling sump pump

Sump Pump Failures

Sump pumps are one of the main causes of water damage in residential homes. Too much rain from a storm can cause sump pumps to fail, and flood your basement. When this happens SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus will access the affected area and start the clean up process immediately. Getting your basement back to preloss condition.

tree puncturing roof

Tree Through The Roof

A storm that passed through the Columbus area resulted in a tree going through these homeowner's roof into their bedroom. Our SERVPRO team was there right away to board and tarp the roof to prevent secondary damage. SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus is here 24-7 for your board up or tarping needs.

wood over window on back of house


When you experience damage to your property either by a break in or from a storm, leave the hassle of a board up to the professionals at SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus. Our team can board up the damaged property and mitigate and remediate the original damage, providing you with peace of mind while helping make it “Like it never even happened.”

equipment set after water loss

Storms Cause Damage

After this Columbus facility experienced water damage from a storm that rolled through they called us in. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus crews got to work to start the extraction and drying process. After 3 days of drying we were able to start the restoration process.

demo done in basement after water damage

Water Damage In Basement

This home suffered flooding when heavy rains caused a backup in the storm drains. When we arrived at the home, the first thing we needed to deal with was the standing water. After extracting the water and placing drying equipment, our construction division came in to finish the work.

flood damage to home

Flooding In Home

SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus is part of the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team and sent our owner and several production teams to Michigan to assist with the flooding. The SERVPRO Storm Response Program maximizes production volume when there is a weather and catastrophic event. Regardless of the size of the disaster our four Franchise owned Storm Teams has the resources to relocate trained crews with equipment where it is needed.

lightning strike damage to home

Lightning Strike To Home

This Columbus home was devasted by fire caused by a lightning strike. SERVPRO of Northwest Columbus responded to remediate the water damage caused by putting the fire out and rain which entered through the damaged roof. Our professional construction team did a fantastic job rebuilding this beautiful home.

We are very proud of this job and it is a perfect example of SERVPRO’S capability. There is no job too large or small that our SERVPRO team cannot handle.

roof tarped

Storm Damage In Commercial Building

Due to heavy rains from a storm, water made its way into this commercial building through the roof. Our team responded right away to get this roof tarped to prevent future leaks until our construction team was able to repair the damaged roof.

mud slide in commercial building

Storm Causes Flooding

Heavy rains can cause storm water to find its way into your home or business. At this medical office building, heavy rains caused mud from a nearby construction site to enter into the building. Our team was able to have them back up and running quickly.